Fantasy Rules

Kickest's Statistical Fantasy Football is the only one that utilizes an objective scoring system based solely on player statistics, without taking into consideration performance ratings.
Kickest offers two game modes:
  1. 1.
    Fantasy: Non-exclusive player rosters.
  2. 2.
    Draft: Exclusive player rosters defined through auctions.
Here are the main features of the Fantasy Mode:
  • Fantasy Teams: You have 180 Kickest credits (CRK) to buy 15 players and 1 coach.
  • Non-exclusive rosters: Each Matchday (G), you can choose from all the players listed.
  • Leagues: Your fantasy teams are automatically entered into the General Championship and the Opening Championship. You can also choose to participate in the December Championship and the Public and Private Championships, challenging your friends or other Kickest users.
  • Scoring: No performance ratings! Players receive scores based entirely on the statistics they achieve in real matches.
  • Captain and Bench: The captain's score is multiplied by 1.5, while players on the bench at the end of the matchday receive 0 points.
  • Schedule: Each Matchday is divided into Rounds (T), which are blocks of matches played on a single day. Between rounds, you can modify the formation, the captain, and make substitutions between the field and the bench.
  • Transfer Market: Between Matchdays (G), you can sell and buy players to improve your fantasy team.
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